7th Mediterranean Chess Champ.
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Round 2: Five Remain With Perfect Score
resim 014.jpg
After the second round of the 2009 Mediterranean Championship five players remain with perfect score, GMs Gurevich, Aroshidze, IMs Georgiadis, Erdoğdu and Vocaturo.
A cake about the championship was served to all particpants before the round and Erşahin, the local player hold GM El Gindy to a draw this time. The story of the second round with pictures and some diagrams below.

resim 016.jpg

The top seed Mikhail Gurevich won his second round game against FM Abdel Razik, who earned a GM norm in the 38th Chess Olympiad in Dresden. The experienced Grandmasters was on top early in the game but then let it slip despite the fact that he managed to get the better position in the end and went on to win the game. GM Parligras and GM Odeev made a draw in move 22 while GM Aroshidze won against IM Imad of Syria with black. IM Atakişi of Turkey had the better position against GM Mohr but missed a big chance and drew later on.

resim 028.jpg

resim 025.jpg

The games with two nice ends as can be seen below were between IM Georgiadis - IM Wirig and IM Erdoğdu-IM Todorovic. 16 year-old Montenegrin youngster Vojinovic had some good chances against IM Haznedaroğlu in a possible rook+bishop vs. rook+knight endgame but after the trade of the minor pieces and the queens, the rook endgame was draw.

Georgiadis-Wirig MCA Ch. Kemer 2009

27. Bxg6 Qg4 28.Bxf7+ Kxf7 29. Qe7+ Kg6 30. Rg5+ 1-0

resim 033.jpg

IM Erdoğdu's win against IM Todorovic was one of the sharpest and best games of the round:


Erdoğdu-Todorovic MCA Ch. Kemer 2009

22. g6 fxg6 23. hxg6 hxg6 24. Qg2 gxf5 25. Qg6 Re8 26. Bxc5 Qxc5 27. exf5 Bxa2+ 28. Kc1 Qe3+ 29. Rd2 Be7 30. f6 1-0

The meeting of the two compatriots, IM Vocoaturo and IM Sedina ended as a win for the former in French Winawer where black blundered and lost a pawn which was converted by young Vocaturo with the help of the advanced a pawn.

GM El Gindy looked for the initiative against the wandering king of the opposition but black defended accurately and at the end of the complicated game the local here held the Egyptian grandmaster to a drawn. IM Doric won against Köse while close match -acording to the ratings-between FM Yeke and Mijovic ended as a quiet draw.
resim 020.jpg

  Mohr checking the certificate while as Aroshidze already did.

resim 022.jpg

Fatema Aljelda from Syria

resim 002.jpg
Bülent Erşahin and Serkan Köse, to underdogs and local heroes of the day.

resim 008.jpg

A cake for the Mediterranean Chess Championship with the logo of the Turkish Chess Federation was cut by the top seed of the field and reigning Turkish champion GM Mikhail Gurevich.

resim 014.jpg
The cake sliced into pieces and served to all of the participants.

resim 018.jpg
Bülent Erşahin managed to draw against GM Essam El Gindy as he did against IM Darko Doric in the opening round.
resim 036.jpg
WFM Ana Berke from Croatia

Özgür Akman

 MedChess 2009