7th Mediterranean Chess Champ.
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Round 4 Painted Black, Vocaturo and Gurevich Followed By 7 Players
resim 032.jpg

Gurevich and Vocautoro drew their game to continue their shared lead. Seven players followed them namely Georgiadis, Gelashvili, Odeev, Aroshidze, Doric, Wirig and Mohr. There were 13 black wins out of 21 boards,hence the championship was painted black. Detailed report and pictures below.

resim 029.jpg
The meeting of the two players remaining with the perfect score ended as a draw but not without fight. White seemed to have better developed pieces but black was able to hold and gradually reach the draw.

resim 045.jpg
Mircea Parligras

resim 040.jpg
Unlike the first board Gelashvili andf Parligras made a quiet draw at move 18. The game between Haznedaroğlu and Aroshidze was one of the most original games of the tournament after white chose to sacrifice his queen and two pawns for three pieces which later turned into queen and three pawns for two pieces and a rook. The position looked balanced but later on it appeared that black pawns were much dangerous and decisive.

resim 036.jpg

Odeev won with black against El Gindy in a typical Benko gambit where black's queen side pressure was much more binding on the game than white's play. The finish of the game had a nice shot as can be seen below:

El Gindy Essam-Odeev Handszar
Akdeniz Şampiyonası Kemer 2009

31....Rb2 32. Rxb2 Ne1+ 33. Kf1 Nxc2 and then went on to win. Mohr was another player with black who won his game against IM Imad.

resim 024.jpg
Georgiadis and Erdoğdu

resim 035.jpg

Doric was one of the few white players who was successful against Yeke but Wirig was another example of successful black players in the fourth round. Georgiadis made an exchange sacrifice against Erdoğdu which enabled to develop an initiative against the black king in the end proved better for white. White managed to hold in Atakişi-Plasec while Abdel Razik won quickly against Drljevic.

resim 019.jpg

Turkish youngsters from right to left: Şanal, Durmaz and Emiroğlu

resim 030.jpg
Geoffrey Borg, the General Secretary of the MCA among his other well-known position in the chess world

resim 023.jpg

FM Khalid Algildah

resim 062.jpg
Emiroğlu and Javier Rechi Montes in post mortem

resim 037.jpg
Mediterranean Women's Champion Ljijla Drljevic

resim 059.jpg
A view of the mountains from the hotel

Özgür Akman

 MedChess 2009