7th Mediterranean Chess Champ.
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Round 5: Vocaturo Takes the Sole Lead
resim 026.jpg
IM Vocaturo took the sole lead in the Mediterranean Championship after winning against GM Mohr while GM Gurevich drew against GM Aroshidze. Georgiadis, Gurevich and Wirig are sharing the second place with 4 points. Another sensation of the round was the win of 11-year-old CM Vahap Şanal's win over Mediterranean Champion for women, WIM Drjlevic.

Top pairings of the round 6 are as follows: Vocaturo-Wirig ; Gurevich-Georgiadis. Detailed report below.

resim 076.jpg

There was nothing particular to play for between Aroshidze and Gurevich hence ended as a draw on the 15th move. This gave an opportunity to young Vocaturo to take the sole lead after his win against Mohr. White found a strong way to attack black's central pawns and that was the moment black decided to sacrifice an exchange for keeping the central pawns but the rooks and the king were able to stop the pawns and white converted the advantage to the win which enabled him to take the sole lead.

resim 077.jpg
Vocaturo who took the sole lead after his win against Mohr

resim 078.jpg
Haznedaroğlu and Yeke

resim 072.jpg

Doric hold against Gelashvili with black after white had intentions of having a pawn storm in the king's side for some time. Georgiadis won a second game in row this time against Odeev to share the second place. Wirig showed a strong endgame technique against Abdel Khaled and he also joined the shared second place.

resim 085.jpg
Adnan Sitnic from Bosnia and Hercegovina

Black had a long but finally succesful task of converting the material advantage in an endgame that opposite colored bishops in Sedina-El Gindy. Haznedaroğlu was another player to win with black color against Yeke.

resim 073.jpg

Georgaidis scored his second win on the same day to join the shared second place.

resim 086.jpg

Durmaz and Yanık

Özgür Akman
 MedChess 2009