7th Mediterranean Chess Champ.
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Round 6: Drawish Round Helped Vocaturo To Extend Lead to the Next Round


After the sixth round of the 6th Mediterranean Championship, Vocaturo defended his sole lead with a draw with Wirig and has 5 points. Gurevich missed a good chance against Georgiadis and thus still chasing the young Italian together with Wirig, Georgiadis, and Parligras. The Turkish youngster Şanal made another upset by drawing against the Hakki Imad. Detailed report below.


On the first board the meeting of the two international masters , Vocaturo and Wirig ended as a draw after an 86-move struggle. In the middle game black entered a theoretical pawn sacrifice to get the initiative on the king side and eventually white replied back with sacrificing the exchange but kept his queen's side pawns. In the endgame, white had three extra pawns for the exchange but it did not prove sufficient after both sides queened their pawns and white started to give checks to force the draw.

Gurevich gained the upper hand later was an exchange up but after a long struggle he did not manage to win against Georgiadis and missed an opportunity to catch Vocaturo who extended his half point lead to the seventh round. The dissappointed grandmaster from Turkey is still sharing the second place and facing another young International Master, i.e. Wirig.

Parligras and Doric

The two Georgian grandmasters drew in move 20 in a tabiya position in Caro-Kann while Doric had to give up two pieces for a pawn and rook against Parligras which eventually ended up a win for the latter. White used his king boldly as a piece despite there were two rooks and a queen to support the d pawn which paid off and the Romenian grandmaster won the game. The game is as follows:

6thMediteranean Championsip Antalya (6), 14.01.2009

 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 c6 4.e3 Nf6 5.b3 Nbd7 6.Bb2 Bd6 7.Bd3 0-0 8.Nbd2 b6 9.0-0 Bb7 10.Ne5 Rc8 11.Qf3 Qc7 12.Qg3 Rfe8 13.f4 Nf8 14.Rac1 Qe7 15.f5 exf5 16.Rxf5 Ng6 17.Rcf1 Rc7 18.h4 Bc8 19.Rg5 Ng4 20.Rxg4 Bxg4 21.Bxg6 hxg6 22.Qxg4 f6 23.Nef3 Qxe3+ 24.Rf2 Qd3 25.Nf1 Rce7 26.cxd5 cxd5 27.Bc1 Qb1 28.Bd2 Re6 29.h5 gxh5 30.Qxh5 Bg3 31.Qxd5 Bxf2+ 32.Kxf2 Qxa2 33.Qc4 Qb1 34.Ng3 a5 35.d5 Rd6 36.Bf4 Qb2+ 37.Kg1 Qb1+ 38.Nf1 Rd7 39.d6+ Kh8 40.Qb5 Red8 41.N3d2 Qd1 42.Qxb6 a4 43.bxa4 Qxa4 44.Bg3 Qg4 45.Qc5 Qe6 46.Nc4 g6 47.Nfe3 Kg7 48.Qd5 Qe8 49.Nc2 Rb8 50.Nd4 Rb1+ 51.Kf2 Qe1+ 52.Kf3 Qd1+ 53.Kf4 g5+ 54.Kf5 Qf1+ 55.Ke6 Rbb7 56.Nf5+ Kg6 57.Qe4 Kh5 58.Nce3 Qa6 59.Nd5 Rf7 60.Nxf6+ Rxf6+ 61.Kxf6 Qb5 62.Be5 Qe8 63.g4# 1-0

Todorovic did not miss the opportunity to convert the opposite-colored bishop endgame with two pawns up against El Gindy. Mohr had the upper hand with better positioning pieces against Odeev in the end utilized the advanced d pawn to convert it.

Atakişi and Erdoğdu had a balanced game without any significant ups and downs for both sides and the game ended as a draw. Mijovic and Haznedaroğlu also drew in the Grivas Sicilian where black managed to meet the intentions of white timely and achieved an equal endgame.


11-year old CM Şanal held vastly experienced Syrian IM Hakki to a draw after a long struggle and the game was not without difficulty for black especially in the endgame.


The meeting of the two highest rated female players in the field WIM Vojinovic and IM Sedina drew in the end of a game with continous exchanges without any imbalancing consequences. A creative draw was the result of the game between FM Abdel Razik and WIM Makropoulou.


Manager of Kemer Anatolia Beach, Tekirova Mayor (member of GATAB that sponsored the championship) and Vice President of TCF Kuvay Sanlı together

Emiroğlu, Durmaz and Sitnic relaxing by snooker before the games

Özgür Akman

 MedChess 2009